The Best Doughnut Shop – Part 1: Sunshine Doughnuts

Doughnuts – a quick breakfast, a sweet snack or something in-between. Whether it’s going for a Timmie’s run to grab a double double and a sprinkle doughnut or grabbing a dozen fresh from Krispy Kreme, everyone has their favourite place to grab these fluffy sugary treats. Boutique doughnuts have gotten more popular the past few years and a bunch of them have opened up between Toronto and Hamilton. We’ll be going through our must-visit doughnut shops so we can sate that sweet tooth craving.

One of our favourites is in downtown Burlington, right by the lake, called Sunshine Doughnuts. They have a decent variety of flavours, are tucked away in a cool part of town and have ample parking. Be warned though, the lines can get long, they run out fast, and they don’t have the longest hours!

Variety wise they have your typical sprinkled doughnuts, apple fritters and chocolate dip- but where Sunshine *shines* (pun intended) is in their specialized seasonal doughnuts which rotate each month. Dunkaroo flavoured, decadent maple walnut, mini eggs covered- you never know what the flavours of the month will be.

The doughnuts are all made in house and are quite fresh – they tend to fly off the shelves as mentioned before, so don’t expect to see any day olds (or even half a day olds for that matter!) in the shop. The price of the doughnuts range from $3.50 to $4.25 a doughnut, but the presentation is a little boring- just a plain white box without even a Sunshine logo or sticker on it. These are great for bringing to a friends house for a snack after brunch where they are sure to be a hit.

Check out to see more about their hours and flavours of the month!

Next time we’ll be looking at a newly opened doughnut shop in Oakville that takes a different approach to how the sugary rings are made…

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