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What Our Client’s Are Saying …

What can I say about Arianna Codeluppi and her professional services as a realtor/broker? Arianna helped my husband and I sell our home of 25 years and buy 2 others since 2016.

Arianna is perfection! I have never met a realtor who is as caring, compassionate, hardworking and goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of her clients.

As a realtor myself, I chose not to sell our personal home in 2016 as I was too emotionally attached. Having come to know many realtors in my 10 year career, Arianna is one of a kind. She got us a lot more than we had anticipated in selling our home and when buying in 2016 and in 2018, she was the one who suggested we take a look at some homes we never dreamed of looking at and both times we fell in love.

There is nothing Arianna would not do for you. She is an incredible negotiator looking after her clients’ best interests at all times.

she helped us stage our home when it was time to sell making it look spectacular. She gave us some great referrals as to inspectors, electricians, painters and other contractors we were interested in. Arianna just kept on giving expecting nothing in return.

One of the many things we truly came to appreciate about Arianna is her honesty and sense of humour. I have learned that you have to have a sense of humour in this business as it can be very challenging. Arianna always put the positive twist on things even when my husband and I were looking at things negatively.

This is her career and her livelihood but she puts that second in comparison to the passion she truly has for helping people find the right home. She is truthful, honest and compassionate. If there is a problem of any kind, she will stop at nothing until she can fix it.

I would highly recommend Arianna Codeluppi to anyone who is thinking of buying or selling their home. Remember, just because a realtor may live in the neighbourhood, it does not always mean they are the expert. Arianna has had vast experience in many different towns, cities and neighbourhoods; she does her research and she knows her business.

Thank you Arianna, for having sold our home of 25 years and finding our last 2 homes for us, especially the one we are in which we absolutely love! You found us the perfect home!!!!


It won’t take you long to discover Arianna’s passion for real estate and her desire to make meaningful, genuine personal and professional connections.

Arianna will guide you through the complexities of the the real estate transaction. Her focus on results and client satisfaction is demonstrated by her yearly award-winning top producer status.

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Arianna has achieved a Broker designation, maintains the highest standards of service, and developed a deep network of buyers and sellers. The sign of a great realtor is repeat business, and referrals by past clients.

With over 15 years of professional real estate experience, and an extensive background in the advertising industry means Arianna can confidently, and creatively, bring your house to market. Successfully. Earning your trust.

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