The Best Doughnut Shop – Part 5: Daddy O Doughnuts

This might be one of the best kept secrets in Mississauga- though we imagine it won’t be a secret for long! Daddy O Doughnuts is nestled along North Service Road just off of Cawthra and while the shop is small in stature it makes a very large statement with it’s presentation! This lends credence do the old adage: the best prizes come in small packages. Numerous doughnut styles and flavours bombard you once you walk into the shop and they also have a hefty gluten free/vegan section of some unique flavours. The hardest part is figuring out what exactly to get!

At around $50 for a dozen, that price isn’t too bad for a boutique doughnut shop- the presentation of the treats are just amazing- they look like they were crafted with love and creativity. The shop workers are very polite and it’s obvious they love what they do- baking all the doughnuts in the wee hours of the morning and they almost always all disappear before the end of the day!

There are a lot of other treats there too- the store acts as a British grocer as well so if you are familiar with those kinds of treats then this is also a great place to pick them up. It looks like there is even a soft serve ice cream machine reserved for the summer. We tried a bunch of different doughnuts, everything from a plain sprinkle to a deep friend peanut butter and chocolate filled one (that was absolutely to die for) and everything tasted like it was crafted with care, regardless of how gimmicky the presentation was, it wasn’t just for show. The presentation was functional and enhanced the taste of the doughnut. The texture was great across the board too- it wasn’t a cake in the shape of a doughnut, it was a deep friend doughnut, but it wasn’t over baked or dry- it was just the right amount of moistness and crumble.

Everyone is going to have their favourites at this place- and even the vegan/gluten free doughnuts were a lot better in texture and taste than in some other doughnut shops. The selection is huge and there are so many unique flavours that we haven’t seen elsewhere (like an amazing Biscoff Cookie one, or a cardamom doughnut!) that we recommend getting a few you haven’t seen before on your first visit. I think it’s a pretty clear winner as to what the best all around doughnut shop in the GTA is – regardless if you are grabbing a doughnut to have with your coffee, to bring to friends party, or share as a dessert with the family, you can’t go wrong with Daddy O Doughnuts.

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