Another fantastic place in Oakville to get a coffee is Vereda Central Coffee Roasters. Having various ways of brewing your preferred type of coffee, there’s something for everyone here. Owned by a family with roots in Colombian coffee culture, Vereda provides a cafe experience unlike any other. Every step of the coffee experience has Vereda’s involvement. Colombian farms grow the beans, they then roast them at the cafe in Oakville. This is a testament to a philosophy given life. The cafe also carries take-home coffee, labeled with where the beans came from. Also, plenty of snacks are available- everything from a quick indulgence to a light lunch.

Even though Vereda is on the bustling Kerr Street, the atmosphere is very zen inside. The location is fantastic because there are plenty of shops- essential and specialty, all within walking distance. A decent sized parking lot in the back helps make the visit to Vereda even better. It’s a great place to stop in while running errands, or to setup a laptop and work away. The lounge upstairs is welcoming, cozy and spacious all at once. It also has a perfect layout for small meetings, or for a comfy place to work on a rainy day. The owners are friendly, and are always willing to chat. It’s recommended to ask them about what coffees are available that day- and the best way to have it. They are always experimenting with new roasts, and the fresh coffee is sure to be a delightful experience.

So, the next time you are looking to have a meeting about real estate, I couldn’t recommend a more casual and welcoming place to meet with us at. Just pick your java, have a seat in the lounge, and soak in the good vibes of Vereda Central Coffee Roasters.