To Stage or not to Stage, that is the question…

I am asked this question daily and the short answer is YES!

You can find loads of statistics online regarding staged vs non-staged homes with various degrees of percentage differences  regarding sale prices, number of days to sell, showing activity. Whether it is the National Association of Realtors, Canadian Real Estate Association, or independent staging companies it boils down to: a staged home sells for more, faster and gains more interest. 

But what does staging mean? It means something different for every home. Vacant homes may require furniture rental. An estate home may require decluttering, selling of furnishings. A renovated home my require some accessories and small touches. It depends on the situation and the home. As a Real Estate Broker, I can guide the way to help get the biggest return on your home sale by providing you the proper strategy to prepare your home.

Contact me today to discuss the importance of staging.

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