Oakville and Burlington are home to many things: luxury lifestyle, famous rock band Finger Eleven, and some of the best boutique restaurants and coffee joints in the GTA. But, did you know that there is also an abundance of trails in both cities? If you are a runner Burlington and Oakville offer some prime running spots. Here are some of our favorite spots in both cities that give a view of some natural beauty.

Arbourview Park Trails

This quaint park is nestled in a quiet Oakville neighborhood. It’s a safe place to bring your kids for a summer play date. There’s a pond that’s often visited by ducks and geese, and there’s a few entrances to the trail from the park. The trail goes into a few different areas including a baseball diamond, and a meadow. It’s not a very long trail in any direction you take. So it’s good to pace yourself for a quick run or excursion.

Sixteen Mile Creek

This trail shouldn’t need any introduction if you are a resident of Oakville, as it’s legendarily large. It’s best to take breaks and familiarize yourself with a map of some sort before embarking on your journey. Breathtakingly beautiful trees and many side roads- you’ll find your favorite part of the trail in no time.

Bronte Creek Trails

This small trail in Burlington is close to some residential areas and a school- this is in the border of Oakville and Burlington. It’s good area to have a brisk walk without much change in elevation or slope- and one that doesn’t get too far from civilization.

Orchard Community Park Trails

Of all the trails mentioned, this one is the only one that doesn’t surround itself with dense wooded areas- and it’s right by Orchard Community Park. it starts in the grassy areas of the park and winds into a path that connects with Bronte Creek Trail at some point. Great to do with your kids to wind down from a day at the park!

What are some of your favorite running spots? Let us know!