The weather is getting nicer in Ontario, some might say we are overdue some hotter temperatures! Nicer weather means that it’s time to dust off the old running shoes and bust out the fanny pack. Maybe get some good earbuds and a reusable water bottle. Running season is nigh! Being a runner is a great way to see parts of your city that you wouldn’t see from a vehicle. It’s also a great way to catch up with friends while getting some exercise, and listen to some good tunes. Listening to music is an integral part of the running experience, the right song can pump you up and push you to go for that one minute more before the song ends. Running with Spotify makes all of this even easier.

While it’s probably more accurate to time your running sessions with a stopwatch, running to music is more enjoyable. Your brain perceives time differently when listening to music so that grueling five minute push seems a lot quicker when you have the right music. Did you know that the ideal beats per minute (or BPM) for running is around 147 – 160 BPM? Finding songs that are in that tempo range might help give you an adrenaline boost while running- be it on the treadmill or outdoors. It’s also important to make your playlist your own- add songs that you enjoy listening to, regardless of the tempo. That will determine how quickly your running session breezes by. A great way to make this a social experiment is to make the playlist collaborative, let your running friends join in on the playlist and add their tunes to it as well.

Here’s the playlist we’ve made for our running experience! What are you listening to? Be sure to share it with your running group!