When people think of Oakville, it’s often laced with memories of small businesses, independent artists, and unique dining experiences. Downtown Oakville is home to many restaurants, ranging from fine dining to quick take out- and everything in between. Coffee is how most of us start the day and makes some people feel “human” after a late night. Coffee is almost a comfort food in some respects; it’s a great way to set up social meetings with a friend or client. It will give you that extra little kick to stay up later to finish that series you’ve been catching up on. There are plenty of places to choose from in Oakville to get your java, but one of my favourite places is Tribeca Coffee Co.

With plenty of food from edible cookie dough and gluten-free muffins, it’s a great place to grab a quick bite. Furthermore, right in the heart of downtown Oakville is where Tribeca calls home. It’s easy to access while walking from shop to shop. Tribeca offers an enormous range of coffee- the Nitro Brewed Coffee is a staple for any hot summer day. Their coffee menu has evolved with time, boasting the cafe standard Mochas and Lattes alongside Lavender Lattes, Golden Lattes, and Hazelnut Mochas. I find myself getting something different every time I visit the shop just to treat my palate. Tribeca also has a wide range of teas, coffee beans and grinds to purchase for home coffee brewing experiences.

The next time you are planning a visit to Oakville, be sure to take a stop at Tribeca. It’s truly “A Taste of Oakville” with friendly staff providing Oakville hospitality. Store owner Dave Despin’s friendly face is almost always at the cafe to help you navigate through their unique world of cafe culture experiences.